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Puzzle 931. Twin primes 4x4 magic square.

Curios by CR in Prime Curios!


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Nov-9-18 Problem 63 Arkadiusz Wesolowski
Nov 2-18 Puzzle 929

Puzzle 80

Puzzle 304

Seiji Tomita, Giovanni Resta, Paul Cleary, Simon Cavegn and Emmanuel Vantieghem.

Paul Cleary

Paul Cleary

Oct-26-18 Puzzle 927

Puzzle 928

Michael Hürter, Emmanuel Vantieghem
Simon Cavegn, Emmanuel Vantieghem and Fausto Morales
Oct-19-18 Coll.20th-016

Puzzle 927

Yilin Zhang

Seiji Tomita

Oct-12-18 Coll.20th-018 Hans Havermann


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