Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact you? How Can I send solutions? How can I send new puzzles?

You can use the Contact Us Form clicking the Contact Us Button located in the Main Page, or you can send a plain email to me clicking here.

2. What should I do to be a Puzzler?

All you need to do is to solve any of the unsolved questions in any of the problems, puzzles or conjectures, or to send a new prime-puzzle. When and if your contribution is accepted and published in the corresponding page, you will be invited to send your short bio. and a photo to be added to the The Puzzlers page.

If you are sending a new puzzle to be posted in my pages, please do not send the solution (that is to say, do not spoil my particular fun, OK?)

3. Who is the author of the puzzles of this site?

In all puzzles, problems and conjectures is explicitly named the authors of the corresponding questions - as far as I know it. In any other case let's say that I have developed the questions over the several prime subjects covered in our pages reading here and there, and of course I always provide to the readers with the proper references. From time in time I add news about old unknown/forgotten authors kindly advised by the readers of my site, news that I add with pleasure if the proper references are sent.

4. Is there a map of the site somewhere?

Here is the asked map:

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5. About me?

See my Personal Page

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