The Puzzlers

I was born in 1962 in Isfahan, Iran. Since I was seventeen, because of my deep affection for the animals, I became a vegetarian.

After graduating from high-school, I went to the University of Isfahan to continue my studies in pharmacology which is one of the most favored disciplines in Iran. But, since I was very fond of mathematics, especially number theory, I changed my major to mathematics in the third year and I became graduated in 1987.

Afterwards, I went to Isfahan University of Technology to continue my postgraduate studies in mathematics.

Since 1992, I have been instructing mathematics at the Iranian universities and currently I am teaching at the University of Isfahan.

I have done research in number theory and I have been able to find beautiful and interesting relations. My favorite field is “The Gap between Prime Numbers.”

Conjecture No. 30, came to mind in 1982, while I was studying the proof of the “Prime Number Theorem”. I think that the conjecture is the most important conjecture related to prime numbers, it shows one of the most interesting and beautiful behaviours of the prime numbers and I believe working on this conjecture could guide us to important results in number theory.

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