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Puzzle 740. Misprinted product, find the correct one

In the entry 1310 of the always interesting site of Claudio Meller we find a puzzle original by Ady Tzidon, that I have made a little bit more difficult (I suppose).

In one line of the output printing of a code we get this wrong product:

536572733725788 x 523674548245792 = 178874781144158145488149317746 (Wrong!)

Analyzing the code we find that for some reason each digit of A, B & C has been increased or decreased exactly by one unit.
Q. Find the three members of the correct product (P, Q & R such that P*Q=R is correct). BTW, in this case P & Q are prime numbers.

Contibutions came from Giovanni Resta, Jan van Delden, J. K. Andersen, Flavio Torasso, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Hakan Summakoglu y Pablo Sussi.


All of them computed the same and correct answer:

425463842614697 * 634563657334681 = 269983892033249234577058406657


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