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Puzzle 372. Ask Dr. Matrix, prime version

Giovanni Resta has created an interesting program that he has named 'Ask Dr. Matrix' honoring the 'famous numerologist Dr. Irving Joshua Matri - created by Martin Gardner in 1959 -...who was an expert in finding hidden relations between numbers and letters'.

Better than describe it, perhaps is a good idea that you enjoy & analyze what the Resta's program makes with the two asked inputs, here.

As you can observe, the general functioning of the program goes like this:

1) You are asked to input a word (W) and a number (Z) in two distinct input boxes.

2) Dr. matrix converts the word W to a number (Nw) by a constant rule (adding the numbers associated to each letter in the word)

3) Dr. Matrix finds out several ways to reach to the number Z from Nw.

In doing 3), the program uses several strategies, using several arithmetic operations on at the much four (4) type of numbers (primes, triangulars, squares & cubes).

Enough!....And the questions now are:

Q1. Can you discover the structure of the Resta's programm?

Q2. Can you create an alternative program limited to arithmetical operations over prime numbers, and as interesting as the current Dr. matrix program by Resta?



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