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Puzzle 51.- Pi such that Pi is Palprime & i = palindrome

Apart from the first 4 trivial ones:

P2 = 3
3 = 5
4 = 7
5 = 11

I have found the first non trivial:

P8114118 = 143787341

(See the Sloane’s sequence A046942)

a) Can you find the following non-trivial of such Pi’s?
b) Can you find the first Pi (non-trivial) such that both Pi and i are palprimes, (if they exist)?


Felice Russo wrote (17/06/99) "I didn't find any further solution up to i = 120768111"


Giovanni Resta got (May 2003) the next solution to question a):

Here it is the next number which is a palindromic prime with a palindromic index: 11853735811 is the 535,252,535-th prime. (a nice number by itself)



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