The Puzzlers

  • Jacques Tramu
I was born in Tarbes (France) 1946. I am a computer engineer, graduated from the high school 'Ecole des Mines', and  the happy father of two children. Living in Paris. Today webmaster of Echolalie which is a site playing with words, lists of words, and  litterature with constraints (OULIPO).  Lisp is a great thing.
My interests are number theory, graph theory, and above all, practical algorithms to resolve problems. I remember to have written chess programs a long time ago (1970),and an algorithm for graph isomorphism. Now, I am retired, and I have time to try to resolve challenging puzzles.
A few hobbies : Not so bad chess player, very poor Go player, bicycle, and managing a wiki site ( Trying to stop smoking. And thanks Carlos for this great site.

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