The Puzzlers

  •  Bernardo Recamán Santos


Bernardo Recamán (Bogotá, 1954) is a British trained (University of Warwick) Colombian mathematician and mathematics teacher. Like so many of his generation he was brought up on Martin Gardner´s Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American, with which he came across in his school library.  Since 1977 he has taught at several schools and universities in Colombia, and at the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa in Swaziland. He has compiled several puzzle collections, most recently Ejercicios cerebrales (Ochenta juegos, acertijos y desafíos mentales para que se divierta y su cerebro no se deteriore), Editorial Grijalbo, Bogotá, 2012. One of his main interests is in graphical number theory (teoría gráfica de los números), which explores the many close and beautiful links between the theory of numbers and graph theory. He has contributed several sequences to Neil Sloane´s OEIS, including Recamán´s Sequence, thus named by Sloane himself.


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