The Puzzlers

  • Radko Nachev


I was born in 1950, Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated Civil Engineering in 1975, was in the army for 2 years afterwards and came to the USA in 1988.

My finds: 120 Pan-diagonal (PDL) 6x6; 520 PDL 10x10; 1400 PDL 14x14; 60^6 Multiplicative PDL 6x6 the best known is 120^6!!!; PT 1500 S 4x4; Stars (Sunflowers) 5 to 12 upon contours, contours with feature equal sums of tips and core, lines, lines with feature all of common numbers and of primes; and all on products multiplicative; Generic 105 NET 7 hexagon of 37 numbers; Multiplicative: NET 5 hexagon of 19 numbers and NET 7: of common mixed and common odd numbers; Diagonal rectangles 3x6 and 3x9 of primes my latest find.

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