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  • Christian Boyer

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Born in 1958 in the near suburb of Bordeaux (yes, the wine!).

Currently living in the near suburb of Paris (yes, the Tour Eiffel!)

Married, 3 daughters.

Graduate from two “grandes écoles” of engineering.

During my studies, I write a regular column about recreational mathematics and algorithms in “Le Petit Archimède”.

My first important development is an assembly language written… in assembly language.

I work during several years at Microsoft France, as the development tools and operating systems group manager, and I am later the Technical Manager of Microsoft France. After Microsoft, we start with some friends a successful software company, reaching 250 employees ten years later, with the creation of several subsidiaries all around the world. And I try now to advise and help people to create new companies, mainly in the software business.

I write articles in different French scientific magazines, for example in “Pour La Science”, the French edition of Scientific American.

About mathematics, I am mainly interested by prime numbers, factorization algorithms and recreational mathematics like for example magic squares, cubes and hypercubes (my web site   is available in English, German and French).

Sports-cars are another focus of interest. I managed an important car club, edited its magazine, and organized car rallies

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