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  • Yves Gallot

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I devote my time to try to understand. I studied sciences but I was disappointed at noticing that they are some beautiful cathedrals built on some bad-defined foundations. I studied mathematics but I was disappointed at noticing that it is just the art of inference. Then I needed to study what I consider as being the basis of our world: the arithmetic of finite sets and the basic elements of these sets, the prime numbers. I study them as a scientist: I use a computer to do some experiments and find some new properties on them and I am more convicted by the results of my programs than by the long mathematical proofs. I would like to say to all of you: "Stop listening the mathematicians that tell you that something is true only if it is proved. Gödel showed that they are an infinite number of arithmetical properties that cannot be proved and Chaitin constructed some. The world of numbers, our world, is indefinitely wider than the small land of theorems. Come and join us to explore this world!

Regarding the asked photo of him, Yves wrote:

I think that a photo of my face just shows the useless skin of the only interesting and invisible part that is the brain. My thought is the only thing that makes me be a human and not just an animal: I don't see the interest of showing the animal, that I am also. I want to be judged for my work, not for my face. I know that, for many people, I am mad on that point... it is difficult to be spiritual and not materialistic in our world. If your really need a photo, this is a nice one:

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