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My name is Patrick De Geest, born on the 9th of October 1956, in Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium (about 10 km east of Brussels), unmarried, mildly myopic, graduated in architecture but never practiced the profession. Currently I'm an employee working in the aircargo export sector (National Airport Zaventem). I didn't lose my interest in beautiful patterns and proportions though, and managed to transfer it to the field of numbers. 

Also, through the years, I gradually became familiar with the use of personal computers (no, I'll never sell my first Sinclair ZX81) and learned for programming techniques (basic, assembly, ...). All these 'creativities' culminated recently in a website about recreational mathematics with 'palindromes' as the main topic. I opted for palindromes not because of my length (181 cm), my average weight (77 kg) or my housenumber (141) but because I was attracted by their overall symmetry and the fact that it was a novel and thus insufficiently studied subject. Thanks to many contributors from all over the world the site is still expanding. 

For the rest I'm a rather quiet individual who likes to read an occasional book, watch a movie, listen to classical music, travel once or twice a year to a near/far exotic  destination and bike from time to time when the weather permits.


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