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Puzzle 836.  Bills serial numbers.

Very recently G. L. Honaker, Jr. published the following curio in his pages:

"9999989, The largest prime serial number on a U.S. Bill. It is currently in the possession of Dave Undis of"

Then, on the past June 22, G. L. asked by email to me, for the largest prime serial number I could have of my own in any Mexican Bill and a for a photo of it.

Unexpectedly it happened that I had one of these in my pocket, and a kind of close to the largest possible prime serial number composed of 7 digits for the Mexican bills: 9999991, being the mine 9799903 for a 100 pesos Mexican bill. Here is the photo I sent to Honaker, Jr.

Q. Please send the largest prime serial number for a bill of your own, from your country and a photo of it. No tricks, OK?...

Just to offer you a guide to size your bills serial numbers, here are the largest prime numbers for several quantity of digits:

 Digits Largest prime number
4 9973
5 99991
6 999983
7 9999991
8 99999989
9 999999937
10 9999999967


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