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Puzzle 1012. Primes on the skin of Fibonacci's

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10 Aug-7-20 Puzzle 1011


Puzzle 341

Simon Cavegn, Adam Stinchcombe, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Vicente Felipe Izquierdo, Oscar Volpatti, Ray Opao, Paul Cleary

Julien Courties and Mael Courtain


9 July-31-20 Puzzle 1010 Oscar Volpatti and Emmanuel Vantieghem.
8 July-24-20 Puzzle 1009 Simon Cavegn, Oscar Volpatti, Paul Cleary, Ray Opao, Emmanuel Vantieghem.
7 July-17-20 Puzzle 1008


Puzzle 1007

Adam Stinchcombe, Jan van Delden, Oscar Volpatti, Ray Opao, Simon Cavegn

Jan van Delden

6 July-10-20 Puzzle 1007

Puzzle 456

Oscar Volpatti, Jan van Delden, Fausto Morales.

Carlos Rivera

5 June-26-20 Puzzle 1006

Puzzle 1005

Giovanni Resta

Oscar Volpatti

4 June-19-20 Puzzle 1005 Paul Cleary, Metin Sariyar, Ray Opao, Fausto Morales, Oscar Volpatti and Emmanuel Vantieghem.
3 June-12-20 Puzzle 1004

Puzzle 1003

Giovanni Resta, Oscar Volpatti, Emmanuel Vantieghem

Jan van Delden

2 Jun-5-20 Puzzle 1003

Puzzle 287

Jim Howell, Jan van Delden

Christian Boyer

1 May-29-20 Puzzle 1002 Giovanni Resta, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Jan van Delden, Oscar Volpatti.


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