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10 Feb-3-23 Puzzle 1120 Michael Branicky, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Alain Rochelli, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Jan van Delden, Martin Hopf, J-M Rebert, Oscar Volpatti
9 Jan-27-23 Conjecture 95 Mauro Fiorentini, Jan van Delden, Emmanuel Vantieghem,Giorgos Kalogeropoulos
8 Jan-20-23 Puzzle 1119 Martin Hopf, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Alain Rochelli, Michael Branicky, Gennady Gusev, Paul Cleary, J-M Rebert, Oscar Volpatti
7 Jan-13-23 Puzzle 1118


Puzzle 637

J-M Rebert, Mauro Fiorentini, Giorgio Kalogeropoulos, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Gennady Gusev, Oscar Volpatti, Martin Hopf

Emmanuel Vantieghem

6 Jan-6-23 Puzzle 1117


Puzzle 637

Puzzle 859

Emmanuel Vantieghem, J-M Rebert, Jim Howell, Oscar Volpatti, Gennady Gusev

Adam Stinchcombe

Martin Hopf

5 Dec-30-22 Puzzle 1116 Emmanuel Vantieghem, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Gennady Gusev, Adam Stinchcombe,
Oscar Volpatti, J-M Rebert, Alain Rochelli
4 Dec-23-22 Puzzle 1115 Jean-Marc Rebert, Michael Branicky, Paul Cleary, Gennady Gusev, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Oscar Volpatti
3 Dec-16-22 Puzzle 1114

Puzzle 389

Oscar Volpatti, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, J-M Rebert

Adam Stinchcombe

2 Dec-2-22 Puzzle 1113 Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Paul Cleary, Adam Stinchcombe, Gennady Gusev, Ken Wilke, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Oscar Volpatti
1 Nov-25-22 Puzzle 1112 Michael Branicky, Jean-Marc Rebert, Gennady Gusev, Emmanuel Vantieghem


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