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Our dear friend Farideh Firoozbakht passed away on Dec 24, 2019.
See more details in her short bio page.
Note published on Jan 11, 2020

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Puzzle 986. Consecutive primes from a given set of integers.

Curios by CR in Prime Curios!
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Jan-17-20 Puzzle 985 Giovanni Resta, Adam Stinchcombe, Jan van Delden
Jan-10-20 Puzzle 984 Fausto Morales, Emmanuel Vantieghem
Jan-3-20 Puzzle 983 Fred Schneider, Jim Howell, Emmanuel Vantieghem and Carlos Rivera
Dec-27-19 Puzzle 982 Giovanni Resta and Emmanuel Vantieghem
Dec-20-19 Puzzle 79

Conjecture 23

Arkadiusz Wesolowski

Metin Sariyar


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