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Puzzle 994. A puzzle for quarantine days.

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Mar-27-20 Puzzle 992

Problem 73

Gennady Gusev

Jan van Delden

Mar-20-20 Puzzle 993

Puzzle 992

Paul Cleary, Michael Hürter, Oscar Volpatti, Emmanuel Vantieghem

Michael Hürter, Gennady Gusev

Mar-13-20 Puzzle 992

Puzzle 586 and Conjecture 34

Conjecture 85

Michael Hürter and Vladimir Shirokov

Akash Betrieve

Dmitry Kamenetsky

Mar-6-20 Puzzle 992 Emmanuel Vantieghem, Michael Hürter and Paul Cleary
Feb-28-20 Puzzle 991 Jan van Delden, Paul Cleary and Oscar Volpatti


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