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Puzzle 939. Numbers in Arithmetical progression whose sum of divisors is same (CYF 35)

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Jan-18-19 Problem 71

Puzzle 75

Puzzle 863

Giovanni Resta

Paul Cleary

Pierandrea Formusa

Jan-11-19 Puzzle 75 Pierandrea Formusa
Jan-4-19 Puzzle 937

Puzzle 926

Puzzle 79

Dmitry Kamenetsy, Pedrag Terzic and Ken Wilke.

Pierandrea Formusa

Arkadiusz Wesolowski

Dec-28-18 Puzzle 936

Puzzle 670

Emmanuel Vantighem, Pierandrea Formusa

Fred Schneider

Dec-21-18 Puzzle 935

Conjecture 81

Puzzle 906

Giovanni Resta, Paolo Lava, Paul Cleary, Pierandrea Formusa.

Simon Cavegn

Pierandrea Formusa


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