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10 Feb-20-21 Problem 81 Simon Cavegn, Paul Cleary
9 Feb-13-21 Problem 59

Puzzle 65

Simon Cavegn

Adam Stinchcombe

8 Feb-06-21 Puzzle 1029

Puzzle 178

Oscar Volpatti, Simon Cavegn.

Richard Chen

7 Jan-29-21 Puzzle 17

Puzzle 65

Puzzle 178

Conjecture 87

Dana Jacobsem

Adam Stinchcombe

Richard Chen

Dmitry Kamenetsky, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Oscar Volpatti, Simon Cavegn

6 Jan-22-21 Puzzle 1028 Dmitry Kamenetsky, Adam Stinchcombe
5 Jan-15-21 Puzzle 1027 Emmanuel Vantieghem, Paul Cleary, Oscar Volpatti
4 Jan-8-21 Puzzle 1026


Problem 76

Emmanuel Vantieghem, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Michael Hürter, Oscar Volpatti, Paul Cleary, Fausto Morales-

3 Jan-1-21 Puzzle 1025


Problem 78

Emmanuel Vantieghem, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Oscar Volpatti, Jean-Marc REBERT, Paul Cleary, Simon Cavegn and Metin Sariyar.

G.L. Honaker, Jr.

2 Dec 25-20 Puzzle 1024


Conjecture 86

Paul Cleary, Adam Stinchcombe, Oscar Volpatti, Jan van Delden, Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Metin Sariyar, Simon Cavegn, Jeff Heleen

Alexei Kourbatov

1 Dec 18-20 Problem 76 & Problem 79 Emmanuel Vantieghem


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