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***Special invitation to the Collection-20***
In order to celebrate our 20th anniversary I will accept at least 20 new prime-puzzles, one per puzzler, to be published here starting the next May 26, after 10 more Saturdays.
I would expect these puzzles shine because of its novelty, ingenuity, difficulty or just beauty.
Please start sending your puzzle-proposal now on!

Puzzles received and accepted for the Collection-20: eight
 (up to 3/17/18).

1034 weeks, 1067 pages
19 years + 9 months +22 days
1034x7 = 7238 days since

Puzzle 917. Q=P+A*B

The last five news

Date Puzzle about


March-16-18 Puzzle 916 Emmanuel Vantieghem.
Mar-9-18 Puzzle 915

Puzzle 914

Puzzle 913

Jan van Delden and Emmanuel Vantieghem.

Dmitry Kamenetsky (adds better solutions)

Giovanni Resta

Mar-2-18 Puzzle 914 Emmanuel Vantieghem, Dmitry Kamenetsky
Feb-23-18 Puzzle 913

Puzzle 896

Jan van Delden and Carlos Rivera

Dmitry Kamenetsky

Feb-16-18 Puzzle 54 & Puzzle 895 Jan van Delden


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