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Puzzle 872. Integers (p^2)*Q

Date New Who
Mar-24-17 Puzzle 871

Problem 20

Jaroslaw Wrobleski, Seiji Tomita and Jan van Delden

Letsko Vladimir

Mar-17-17 Conjecture 7

Conjecture 30

Reza Farhadian

Reza Farhadian, Mr. Jahangeer Kholdi by Farideh Firoozbakht

Mar-3-17 The BOINC-project.

Puzzle 865

Problems 66 and 53

Puzzle 839

Problem 20

Natalia Makarova send this announcement.

Jan van Delden updates his contribution to Puzzle 865

Emmanuel Vantieghem

Dmitry Kamenetsky

Letsko Vladimir

Feb-24-17 Puzzle 865 Jan van Delden
Feb-17-17 Puzzle 867

Problem 65

Emmanuel Vantieghem

Dmitry Kamenetsky


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