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***20th anniversary of Prime Puzzles***
In order to celebrate our 20th anniversary today, may 26 2018, we start publishing the puzzles specially sent/collected for this purpose.

Currently we have received and approved around 25 puzzles. Until we publish the last one of these, we are open to receive other puzzles from new puzzlers supposed they satisfy the desired aim ("these puzzles shine because of its novelty, ingenuity, difficulty or just beauty") and setting a limit for this collection as a total of 54 puzzles.

Keep'em coming!

1044 weeks, 1077 pages & 7308 days
20 years + 0 months +3 days

Coll.20th-001. A Puzzle-sequence

The last five news

Date Puzzle about


May-25-18 Puzzle 926

Puzzle 655 and Puzzle 925

Emmanuel Vantieghem

Jan van Delden

May-18-18 Puzzle 925 Jan van Delden and Emmanuel Vantieghem
May-11-18 Puzzle 924 & Puzzle 655

Puzzle 9

Jan van Delden

Zak Seidov

May-04-18 Puzzle 923 & Puzzle 791 Jan van Delden
April-27-2018 Puzzle 864

Puzzle 921

Puzzle 922

Edward Kang

Jan van Delden

Seiji Tomita


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